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As we continue to make improvements to our infrastructure we find it necessary to move some of our digital channels to free up bandwidth for other projects, such as faster internet speeds.


If you don't use a cable box and find that some of your channels aren't coming in, you may need to do a new channel scan on your television. In order to do that, you can follow these steps:

     1.  Make sure your television is on the "TV" input.

     2.  Navigate to your television's Menu (or Settings) using your TV remote.

     3.  Look for an option that says Tuner, Tuner Setup or Channels in the Main Menu.

               -  If asked, your tuner mode is cable or digital cable.

     4.  Select Digital Channel Search or Auto Channel Scan, depending on your TV's options.

     5.  The search may take a while to complete. When it's done, press the Channel Up or Channel Down buttons on your remote to view the available channels.

Please note: All TV manufacturers and models differ so menu options will vary. The best way to complete the channel scan is to refer to the TV owner's manual. These steps are only necessary for TV's that do not have a cable box connected.


If you have TiVo and are experiencing some channels with a blank screen, the wrong video, or a V52 error, you can follow these steps:

     1.  Unplug the box from power for a count of 10 and plug it back in.

               -  If the power cord is not easily accessible, as an alternative you may also restart the device by going to TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Help > Restart > Restart the TiVo Box

     2.  Once the box has completed its restart, next you will update the box by going to TiVo Central > Settings & Messages > Settings > Network > Connect to TiVo Service Now.

     3.  After the update has completed (this may take a few minutes), your service should be restored.


To contact us with additional questions, customers can visit our website, download our MediacomConnect Mobile Care application from the Apple or Google Play Store, or call us at 1-855-633-4226.


To view the updated lineup, click here.

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